Business Acquisitions

We Buy Small Businesses in the $$500k-$3 Million Revenue Range that fit our criteria

What type of businesses are we interested in?
We buy businesses in many niches as long as they meet certain requirements, see below.
Our basic ideal business:
It has at least $.5M in sales, only if the business is very profitable ($200k minimum preferred Net).
Has been in business for at least 2 years (no start ups)
Has a good reputation/reviews at a minimum
Has solid staff in place with growth potential
Is not run 100% owner operated, though we can allow for this in some cases

Want to sell your small business? Here’s what we’re looking for more specifically:

  • At least two years in same the business – ideally, in the same location, prefer 5+
  • $.5 million to $3 million annual gross revenue – ideally, from a range of products/services targeting no more than three verticals or a single product/service class targeting multiple markets
  • Easy to understand product line and value proposition – ideally, described in 40 words or less
  • Stable customer/client base – ideally, a solid percentage of repeat business, or MRR
  • Favorable vendor/supplier relationships – ideally, multiple sources for key purchases
  • Good reviews and history via Review Sites, BBB, etc
  • Favorable banking relationship(s) – ideally, with one or more local banks for at least three years
  • C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC structure – partnerships or sole proprietorships are not ideal
  • Well-maintained Financial records – ideally, by a local CPA firm for at least three years
  • No tax problems or liens; no pending or unresolved lawsuits or other legal or regulatory issues
  • Closely-held ownership – ideally, one person or a couple – with the unrestricted authority to sell
  • Motivated to sell within 90 days – ideally, looking to retire or divest due to health concerns or lifestyle issues
  • Sellers that want to see their business and employees THRIVE with new sales and revenue methods

Businesses we generally will NOT consider:

  • Businesses that require some kind of licensure (other than a business license) – like real estate; mortgage; title; financial services; CPAs; banks; law firms; private investigators; bail bonding; firearms dealers; dental, chiropractic and medical practices; payday loan providers; pawnshops; vehicle, boat, and manufactured home dealers; etc.
  • Franchises or MLM (a.k.a. network marketing/direct selling) businesses or distributorships
  • Residential-only services like Home improvement, construction, roofing, handyman, plumbing, electrician, HVAC, Housekeeping, pool cleaning or residential-only landscaping services
  • Gyms; yoga, Pilates or martial arts businesses
  • Nail or hair salons or massage parlors
  • “Vaping,” tobacco, CBD oil or hemp-related products businesses
  • Adult entertainment businesses
  • Bars, liquor stores, restaurants or cafes
  • Businesses that require governmental regulation, inspection or oversight, or that sell primarily to federal or state agencies; local agencies, such as school districts, would be okay.

That’s a lot. So what Industries are we Interested in?
Technology + Related
Medical + Related
And too many more to list.

If you think you have one that may be of interest to us, please call or email us with some details.

ALL INQUIRIES are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Please reach out to Allston Moore at [am – AT – fullondigital – DOT – com] to discuss your business directly.