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Flip or flop websites Why Websites Fail

You spend mega bucks to have a website designed, anticipating great traffic and results, only to find, nothing.  No traffic, no new customers, no results.  So what happened, what went wrong?  Well, here are some reasons, and at least one of them is bound to fall into the category as to why your website was a flop.

  • SEO– (search engine optimizer) guess what, if you can’t be found, you can’t be visited. That may be a good rule of thumb for unwanted visitors at your house, but certainly not good news with a website that was developed to promote your business.  Todays search engines are essentially the gateways to the internet.  The key is making sure your website pops up on the screen with the appropriate search.  Make sure you have adequate SEO’s, and your website can avoid being a flop, and instead be a great success!
  • Unmonitored Site– just think about it, you visit a website to ask a question and you see the last question was posted July 2015, and received no answer, no reply. It’s like knocking on the door, and no one is home, you move on to the next website, this one is obviously not monitored.  Ok, if you are going to have a website, it must be monitored, otherwise it is totally useless.  Make sure you, or whomever answers phones and checks’ messages, also checks the website multiple times a day.  Make it part of a daily routine, it’s quick, easy to do, and can make or break your website.
  • Clear & Precise Information– have you ever visited a website from a search engine, thinking you are on the right track for what you are searching for, only to scratch your head and wonder, what does this website have to do with anything? The fact is, it may have everything to do with what you are looking for, it’s just not clear.  The fact is, most people determine if they will continue on the site after the first 30 seconds of looking at it.  That means, right away, and right in your face, there needs to be a clear and precise message letting the viewer know what they will find on the site, and exactly what the site entails.  Time is valuable, and few people want to waste time visiting a site that is of no value to them.

A good rule of thumb is, if you are unsure exactly what to do to make your website a success, consult a web designer and get an expert to do the work for you.  Make sure that that the fee to design your website includes promoting it on search engines, that is vital for it to be visited, if no one can find it, no one will visit it.  Make sure your website has accurate information so that when a potential customer visits the site, they can learn everything they wanted to know within the first 45 seconds of looking at the website.  That will keep their attention, and keep them on the website.  A great website can make a business a success.

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