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Why Your Website Design, Can Make or Break

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The word design is actually a pretty broad spectrum of terms.  Essentially, it implies how well, something is architecturally suited for the purpose of what it was intended. Graphic design is much more visually focused, and intended to provide a great visual presentation.  Layout, colors, logo and typography are all very important in website design.  Your website should include the following attributes:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Consistent with your mission, services, brand, or organization
  • Easy to navigate
  • Internally consistent and consistent with the mission or the organization
  • Easy to use and make purchases on if applicable

Design can certainly be subjective, however, there is a big difference between a well-designed and a poorly designed site.  You will know it when you see it, and so will your potential customers.

Importance Factor – 100

Actually, yes, it’s that important.  Gone are the days when everyone simply flipped open the yellow pages to look for a business.  Now, most of your customers are going to search the internet and check you out prior to even making that first call to your office.  In years past, word of mouth was a great form of advertising, that has now been replaced by a great website design, it simply speaks volumes.  Potential customers will judge you and your services immediately by your web design.  If it lacks appeal, attention to detail, and is overall not eye-catching, odds are they will move on to the next web site.

What a Good Design Says

When your web site projects a good design, it actually communicates to potential customers that you have good taste, good judgement, and you know exactly what you are doing.  A recent study suggested almost 50% of users make their buying decisions based on a business website alone.  If your site looks well-built and well put together, that is how the customer will view your business from the start.

Make Your Site Memorable, with good visuals

When your goal is to create a good size customer base, the customer needs to recall the company name and website when the opportunity to use your services arise.  A unique logo, a great color palette, and effective fonts are major components of a memorable identity.  Your website should be eye-catching from the first moment the potential customer looks at it.

A great web site can make your business, while a poorly designed website will only hurt you.  Unless you happen to be an expert in web design, you would be wise to hire a web designer.  Communicate your vision for your website, and make sure you are both on the same page.  In today’s world, it is imperative that you have a good promotion for your business, and that is exactly what a well-designed website is.  A great website designer should be number one on your list on your list of your advertising budget, it’s that important.

Make that first impression to your customer, and pull them in the door, have a great website design, and it will do just that.


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