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You want to rank on Google so more people find your site more often, right? For Charlotte SEO, or Atlanta SEO, or wherever your business may be in the US, we can probably help with that, and we do so much more. But is it really that simple? Not really, you also want them to be looking for your service or product, local to your business, if necessary, and able to buy. And you also have to be able to convert visitors into prospects and then into clients.

You already know that the top 5-10 links in Google get over 90% of the clicks, and that the top 3 get over 70% based on research. Think about it, when you search, how often do you choose the company listed on page 3? Almost never, I bet.

You see, Google is all about relevance. If they want to remain at the top of the search engines, they HAVE to provide you with the most relevant links FIRST, or they themselves will become less relevant in search.

So, for Charlotte SEO, you would want to consider what area is being searched. Searching for SEO in Myers Park is very different from searching for SEO in Huntersville NC, or SEO in South Park. There are hundreds of these various locations.

Same with Atlanta. If you look for SEO in Atlanta, you might be actually looking in Douglasville, or Marietta, or Newnan. There is a huge area to cover for Atlanta SEO and where your company is located matters to the search engines. But you can rank in multiple different areas if you want to do so. The bigger areas like Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA are much harder to rank for than to try and rank in Concord NC, Matthews NC, or Weddington NC. Or in the Atlanta area, you might shoot for smaller areas like Decatur GA, Alpharetta GA, or Sandy Springs GA.
What would your business look like if we had you top Google ranking for the top keywords in your industry? So, if there are 1,000 searches per month for your keyword, and your site is ranked 1st, your site or landing page could receive as many as 500 or more visitors per month from Google. If you convert 10% of those into leads, that would be 50 leads. If 10% of those become customers, that would equal 5 new customers per month from ONE KEYWORD being ranked in the top Google spot. What if you had 3 of those keywords?

What would that mean for you and your business? To figure that out, is pretty simple. FIrst, you need to know the lifetime value of your average customer. If you do not know that yet, you can try this to figure it out.
Lifetime Value of SEO
Take your annual gross sales number, divide by the number of customers you have currently this year, and that will give you an approximation. If you have customers for longer than a year, you may need to do more digging or use more years to be more accurate. Some companies like tree services, or remodeling companies typically have fewer recurring customers each year. While others, like Dentists, or FInancial Planners, can have clients for many many years.

Every business is unique so they should be treated that way.

So, take your lifetime value of a client, say it is $5,000. Multiply that times the number of new clients you could get each month (5 in the case above) and you come up with the gross sales you would get from ranking – $25,000 per month in new sales. $300,000 per year.

So, if our Charlotte SEO Company could get you ranked in the top spot in Charlotte NC, how much would that be worth to you? What if our Atlanta SEO Company could get you ranked in Atlanta GA? It’s easier to figure out now.

After you get your ranking, then you can work on increasing your conversion rates. Think about it, if you were at 10% and you moved that to 20%, then you just went from adding $300,000 per year to adding $600,000 per year to your business. So that effort certainly has a lot of value as well.

You would have multiple ways to reach out to them – remarketing, targeted ads, look alike audiences etc –  or to have them reach out to you (even better). So, we can then talk about conversion rates. We are focused on driving massive TARGETED traffic to your website with in-depth Optimization strategies that go beyond just 5 or 10 keywords. We go deep into who your business is, what separates you from your competition, how to tell your story better, and how you can organically rise to the top of the Search Rankings for top keywords. Our services can drive your site to the top and drive your competitors lower, as we typically drive at least 3 to 5 times the amount of traffic, usually at one half to one-third of the price (based on typical PPC costs). Plus, this will generate traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others as well since it is a Full On SEO program.

After over 15 years and 10,000+ clients, we are so confident in our program that we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we do not achieve the promised results. So far, we have a 100% success rate which is why we can offer such a guarantee, and many cannot.

You may be looking for the top SEO company in Charlotte or the top SEO company in Atlanta or maybe somewhere else. Your location doesn’t really matter as long as you are in the USA. We can take a look and see what it would take to get you these kinds of results.

Want to know how much it would cost to hire a top SEO firm in Charlotte NC?

I know you hate to hear it, but the answer is – It Depends. Terrible answer I know, but you can find out for yourself how difficult it will be to rank for your particular niche.

How do you find out how much it would cost to rank for your keyword?

Simple really. First, go to Incognito Mode in Chrome. If you search from your regular window, it will lean towards sites that you have visited recently, like your own and not give you accurate results. So, in Incognito Mode, search for your term – say it is “Attorney Atlanta”. This particular term has over 100 Million websites (aka competitors) that you would have to beat out to rank first.
But “medical malpractice lawyer atlanta” has less than a Million results to compete with you. So that has fewer searches, but they will be more targeted and perhaps better suited to your business.

Dentist charlotte nc has about 20 million pages, but emergency dentist charlotte nc only has 5 Million, so again, more targeted, and easier to rank for it.

So how does this process begin? It all starts with RESEARCH. Solid research and keyword choices must be the starting point. Don’t confuse strategy with tactics as these are two different things, but we can cover that elsewhere.
For now, if you want to rank, you need a professional, top SEO Firm in your area whether it be Atlanta GA or Charlotte NC or Dallas TX or Boise ID. FInding someone close is sometimes helpful, but not always necessary. Again, depends on your individual situation. We always recommend that you start with a detailed SIte Audit and Review with one of our staff so we can assess where you are, figure out where you want to rank, and see what it will take to get you there.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

We help your website get found, naturally. And push down your competition!

Our SEO services include in depth research, individualized analysis and personalized optimization for all of our clients, this is especially effective for those having difficulty with their organic visibility in all of the major search engines. And we can go beyond even that. If you want even MORE aggressive results that help push your competition off of the first page and give your company multiple first page listings, check out our Search Engine Dominance Page.
Unfortunately, we cannot help every company, so please reach out to us and let us know more about your company’s needs. Full On Digital’s techniques have successfully met the needs of thousands of companies already, each with complex websites in competitive industries over diverse geographic areas.
Some of the most common services we provide are:

Search Engine Optimization

Reputation Management

Social Media Management

Local Business Marketing

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