Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services

Social media is so much more than cat videos and political rants. In fact, in today’s digital environment, many times we can get better quality leads at a lower price than we can via more traditional methods like PPC. Not only that, but we can get you leads that want to connect to you right now!

In other words, they click “connect me” on their mobile phone and then we ring your business directly. This can be SO much more effective than trying to outbid your competitors on PPC. Then they click on yours, ask for info, then while they wait, they ask a few more for info and you are in a bidding war for a “lead” that you paid for already. Not the best scenario if you are busy and want to grow.

Maybe you also decide to jump into the blog world or you launched a Facebook page because they are taking over social media single-handedly and now you realize you don’t have time to keep up.  You know it’s important to post fairly frequently (and it is) but you don’t have the time to maintain it all yourself.  If you don’t participate in your blog or your Facebook page (just a blog at heart) with regular posts, you will not be rewarded like you could be by the search engines.

Pay Per Click Service
Pay Per Click Service Charlotte

You probably started your blog or corporate Facebook page to gain visibility for your business.  You were absolutely right to do that but if you don’t tend to it, just like your lawn, it will die an ugly death!

We have skilled copywriters on staff at Full On Digital that provide social media management services.  Let us write your articles and posts at your direction and relieve you of that duty.  The cost for this service is surprisingly low and we operate at your direction.  And we even INCLUDE this AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE in our Full On Marketing Packages because it MATTERS. 

We will be happy to show you examples of articles, press releases and posts we have provided for other clients if necessary.  Get the most out of your blog by keeping it active!  We are ready to help you today and show you the real value a well written blog can be to your business!