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Wait for it… this tool will identify any of the SEO errors or issues that your site may have currently. Free to use as much as you want. Please make sure you unblock pop ups as the audit willpop up in a new window.

What is an SEO Site Audit?

An SEO Site Audit is an automated tool that will analyze a website and identify any particular issues such as missing Alt/Meta tags and other technical on page SEO issues that your site may have. This SEO Analysis Tool can provide you with all of the details you need to get your website optimized for the search engines.

So, you can take this SEO Site Analysis and use it to fix the critical issues on your site which CAN help your website rank higher organically in the major search engines.

Do I or you need a Technical SEO Audit on our current website?

An SEO audit such as this can be extremely valuable for any website owner who wants to increase their organic ranking on Google Bing Yahoo, etc. If your website does not have the basics completed, the chances of ranking decrease dramatically. This will provide you with a great first step in attracting more visitors to your page and more customers and more business.

Why do you need a site audit?

This can be a vital tool for anyone hoping to rank higher in the search engines. Yes, these are technical issues, but they are usually NOT addressed by website designers or developers. So, if you have a new site, or an older one, it is important to get a snapshot to see if your site is set up to rank higher or not.

Did my website designer optimize my site?

More than likely, your website designer or developer did NOT optimize all of the technical issues for your site. We do not do it for the new sites that we develop. The reason being is that it is very time consuming and meticulous process so it adds a lot of cost to the process and frankly, not every owner cares about ranking. We WILL do it as part of the package if our client requests it, but it requires additional cost.

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What can a technical SEO site audit do for me?

This information can provide you with a road map to better ranking, and more traffic. What is the point of having a site if nobody can find it after all?

What do I do next?

Get your automated report above first. If you see some issues, then get them fixed, fix them yourself, or ask us to do it for you.

What if I need more?

Excellent! If you really want to grow your business and your traffic, it is vital that you first discover the issues. We have a detailed analysis that we do for every project we start. You can buy one of those for $497 or you can sign up for one of our marketing plans and we will do it for you anyway.

Either way, reach out to us for some great insight on what you can do to rank higher in the search engines!

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