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New Roof Appointments

Roofing Contractor - New Roofing Jobs

We generate Leads, Incoming Calls and Appointments for Roofing Contractors – Residential or Commercial.

Roofing Contractors by their nature need to generate new, interested prospects every single week/month. They don’t have a lot of recurring income from the same clients, typically, though the good ones get repeat clients. 

How Are We Different?

We do not just offer to manage your ad spend for you, though we can. We do not tell you that this one way (PPC, Social Media Ads, a Funnel, Organic Leads, Email, or any other marketing method) that we happen to specialize in, is the ONE Answer that you need.

What we Do

We use a holistic approach where we use multiple methods to try to generate you the highest quality and number of leads possible, without some lowball offer (25% OFF) or anything salesy. We use an Organic approach to build out a massive digital footprint and make prospects WANT to reach out to you. We then PRE-QUALIFY these leads on the phone to make sure that they meet your criteria.

We Pre-Qualify them for you?

Yes, we have a US based Call Center that they will speak with first. These calls will be answered in YOUR BUSINESS Name, and will make sure that they
1. Own the real estate
2. Need a New Roof
3. Are in your service area
4-8. And however else you want them to be pre-qualified.
Only when they pass these criteria will they be transferred to your sales person directly.

So What Kind of Roofer are You?

Most of our Roofing clients fall into a few categories – Most are really good roofers (the bad ones do not tend to last long in this industry), some are really good business people, and some are good sales people, but only some of them are actually good at ALL of it PLUS…


Marketing Roofing Services to your local area and GETTING QUALIFIED APPOINTMENTS with interested customers is increasingly competitive and challenging. More and more sophisticated marketers are out there battling for their attention.

What Can We Do to Help?

That is where we can really help. We can typically generate 10+ Interested Home Owners every month and these are ALWAYS


appointments or Incoming Calls per month for our roofing clients.

What These are NOT

– Leads that have been sold to multiple roofers so they can compete on the lowest price
– Leads that you have to chase down to reach
– Leads that you have to call multiple times and never hear from again
– Bad phone numbers that do not even work
Or a total waste of time for you and your sales team

What these ARE

Exclusive, Pre-Qualified, interested appointments and/or Live Calls that come straight to you. These people are verified real estate owners interested in YOUR services from YOUR company and want to set up a time for you to discuss and/or quote their job.

What is your average customer worth to you? 

Let’s just say for the sake of it that you typically charge $10,000 for a new roof. This figure may be low for some, and may be high, but let’s start there.

Client Success

We have had a Roofing Client for over 4 years, they received over 2,000 calls and closed on average 30% of them. That is 600 jobs over 4 years time.


If you have 30 interested appointments every month, and just closed on 10% of them (again this is a low and conservative number as most of our clients do much better than that). Those 30 appointments would generate 3 new roofing jobs every month or $30,000 in sales each month. And this is in addition to whatever you are doing now!

At a 50% profit margin, how much would that be worth to you?

There are roofers that do really well, and those that struggle to grow and expand. 

What Makes a Successful Roofing Company?

What do successful Roofing Contractors do that the other ones don’t? Here are 6 DIY things that you can do RIGHT now that will help you generate more business online:

1. Make a mobile friendly site. 70% of traffic is mobile.

2. Have a clickable phone number in big, bold text at the top and bottom of your website.

3. Have an irresistible offer that makes visitors drool and punch in their info. This alone can double your new client inflow!

4. Look at 5 of your biggest competitors (even in different cities) on Facebook Ads Library. Find the ads they’ve been running for the longest time. Create similar ones. You’ll get leads for the lowest cost possible if you find what is working and create similar looking ads.

5. Get other influential websites to talk about your Website. Your leads will convert more, and pay you a premium if you’re really good.

6. Generate a consistent and predictable number of appointments/quotes every single month.

What happens when you do the above? Your website may well outperform all of your competitors, allowing you to gobble up all the roofing business you can handle.


Now. I know you probably don’t have the time or interest in doing this yourself — so either get your web person on it or Read On! We can fix your site too, if you need it.

But Can We Really Generate Good Appointments for Roofing Contractors?

We have worked with roofers of all types, and sizes and we have already figured out what works BEST to generate leads effectively and efficiently for them so you don’t have to. We bring all of this expertise to bear and work for you.

What We Offer 

Guaranteed Results
NO Long Term Commitments
NO Risk
NO Sales Pressure, just the Facts
NO Spammy Techniques that can Hurt your Ranking/Website/Reputation
NO Effort Required from you once this is set up

Would 30 new roofing appointments per month help grow your business?

What if you had to do very little to generate those leads?
What would that free you up to do?

That is what we do. We generate at least 30 qualified, interested leads for our clients. 

HIT CONTACT US or Schedule a Quick intro call and we will be happy to see if we can help you.

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