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We are strong proponents of organic placement but depending on several factors like education level of your client base and gender, PPC can be a successful endeavor.

College graduates, those with Masters degrees are less likely to click on the right side of the page; women, even less likely. If you just look at the averages, 14% of Google visitors will click one of the “Ads” up at the top of the page IF all 3 exist.

Looking at the right column of “Ads”, if all 8 exist, on average 5% of the people performing a search on Google will click on one of those links or ads. As previously mentioned, education level and gender will cause these numbers to change.

It’s been said that as many as 80% of Google PPC campaigns don’t see a return on investment for the company running the ads. This is due to someone not knowing how to properly set up the campaign. A campaign that has been properly setup will provide a return on investment. That said, our track record shows we consistently deliver organic visitors at a fraction of the cost of a “paid” visitor.

There is something to be said for being all over the page! If you want multiple listings on the home page, we encourage you to look at our SEM page. If your budget does not allow you to go the SEM route, then consider launching a Google PPC campaign. It offers immediate results!

Our fees to establish and manage a Google PPC campaign are $1.00 per keyword to establish an optimized campaign and 20% of the approved monthly allowance ongoing. Our expertise will cover your monthly fee so basically, you get our service for free!

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