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34 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

34 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Blow Up Your Email List (A Sumo-Sized Guide)

  • Create an opt-in offer for your website
  • Make sure your headline is strong
  • Include power words in your headline and description
  • Use the words your audience uses in your copy
  • Use the word “free” in your offer
  • Use the word “get” in your offer
  • Change your self-centered language into visitor-centered language
  • Switch the features list out for a benefits list
  • Make sure your opt-in can stand on it’s own (and doesn’t need context)
  • Paint a picture to get your audience to imagine themselves with your offer
  • Use numbers and results to entice your visitors
  • Use an eye-catching action color that jumps off the page for your buttons
  • Use descriptive and benefits-driven button copy (no “submit!”)
  • Cut down on the distractions on your website by removing extra calls to action
  • Give your visitors more than one opportunity to opt in to your email list
  • Install P3 Performance Profiler to identify the plugins that are slowing your site down
  • Double check to see if your theme and opt-ins are responsive
  • Make your CTA jump off the page with a colorful background or button
  • Pre-empt objections by addressing the common “buts” people may have
  • Use social proof in your opt-ins
  • Use testimonials and quotes to increase your conversion rate
  • Make the visitor feel like your email list is an exclusive club
  • Create a two step opt-in to blow up your conversions
  • Use a countdown timer to employ scarcity
  • Aggravate your visitors problem in your copy to trigger urgency
  • Use human faces in your opt-ins
  • Use lines of sight to lead your visitors eyes to your calls to action
  • Use motion to capture attention on the page
  • Include an image of the opt-in offer to entice visitors to sign up
  • Isolate your call to action to make your visitors decide
  • Use a progress bar to show the visitors how far they’ve gotten
  • Ditch the opt-in disclaimer
  • Pare your opt-in form to just one form field: the email address
  • A/B test every single strategy to make sure it works for you.
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