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Benefits of Shared Hosting

When you use shared hosting, you know up front that  you are sharing the host site with other uses.  Providing you have selected a reputable host, you should have adequate disk space and fast connection speeds.

Cost Effectiveness

It goes without saying, cost effectiveness is a major factor with shared web hosting.  It is generally very inexpensive, and with relatively stiff competition between web hosts mean, you can maintain a fair amount of storage and still keep your costs at a minimum.


Assuming you are like most people in todays world, you are busy beyond belief.  So, why not let someone else provide the maintenance for your website, in other words they manage it.  You can still customize your site, and make changes as you want them, but the maintenance or said hardware portion of the site will be managed by a professional trained to do just that.  Although not in every case, but in most cases your web host will have round the clock support to make sure things are running as they should.  So while you sleep, you won’t need to worry that your website is functioning as it should be.


A good web host offers great security and protection.  The monitors of the site should constantly monitor the security and ensure it is protected so that intruders do not have access to your date.  This can be a huge benefit on a shared web host if you are not proficient in programing languages.  If anyone within the shared host site misuses it in any way, they are generally blacklisted, so again you have a layer of protection.

Professional Skills – Not Needed

One of the big advantages of shared web hosting is that  you do not have to have any special training or knowledge, the server administration will provide all of the administrative chores, and takes care of potential problems so you can concentrate on running your business.  It’s somewhat a case of where your priorities are, on your business or web hosting.  If it is on your business, then leave the web portion to the host administrator.

Simple Website Adjustments

Most web hosts will provide you with a C-panel.  This enables you to easily make changes to your site whenever you want to.  You will sign in as the administrator of that website, and use a simple interface to make changes that you desire, its that simple.   You will have PHP, which essentially means you have an expert to back you up when it comes to making adjustments to your site, or generating optimized search engines to promote your site and bring the traffic that is most beneficial to your goods or services offered.

All things considered, if you run a business or simply have a website and need some guidance or the assistance of someone that can monitor your site at all hours, then shared hosting is a great alternative, and you would most likely benefit from using it.  Check out shared web hosting sites and select the one that best suites your needs, so that  you can run  your business or life and they can help cover the website.

One note- as the web host does cover the maintenance, you are still responsible for the information contained on the site, and following up on any questions, comments or orders received on your website.

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