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How to Make Shared Hosting More Like VPS (Dedicated IP address, SSL Cert, etc.)

Can you actually make shared hosting more like VPS?  Can you turn apples into oranges?  Well, no, to the apples to oranges, however, if you squeezed orange juice on the apples or soaked  them in it, well, it would sort of work, they would have an orange taste.  It is somewhat similar with shared hosting versus VPS.  The fact is shared hosting and VPS are different, however you can get shared hosting to somewhat mimic VPS, so that the traffic on your website runs smoother.  Try viewing it like this-

-Say you want to open a small pop up store in a mall.  The mall has 20 stores, and you would be one of those 20 stores.  The ratio on that is not too bad, depending on what you are selling, and providing it’s not the same as the other 19 stores, you have a pretty good chance of attracting customers and making sales.

– Now, suppose you want to open a pop up store in a mall, and the mall currently has

100 stores, you would be one of them.  Not only did the traffic just increase drastically, but you will be less noticed.

The point is, if you used a shared hosting site, check it out before proceeding to use it.  If the potential website has 10,000 sharing the site, and the next host you check out has 5,000 sharing the site, it’s pretty obvious which one is going to be faster for you, the one that is not as busy.

Providing you will be using a shared web host, the best thing you can do prior to making a selection of which one to use, is to check them out, and read reviews, see what others are saying about them.  Determine how much traffic they have, in other words, what is their maximum limit of customers.  If the hosting site is going to allow more customers than it can handle, you are not going to be a very satisfied customer.  Find out what speeds are available, and when you obtain the service, use an internet speed check program to see exactly what your speeds are, it should match up to their claims.

You will also want to think in terms of safety and security, what security measures are in place, and do you consider it adequate for your particular needs.  Shared web hosting can be cost productive, providing you are satisfied with it.  There are countless numbers of articles online or in technology magazines that provide insight into the best shared web hosting sites. Selecting a web host should be a decision that you make, based on information, and confidence that you will be happy with the speed and connectivity.   Do some research, and homework before you make a decision, read reviews, and see what others are saying.  Email or live chat the host site and ask questions that you have prepared in advance.  Get all the information that you need to make an informed decision, so that you will be happy with the shared hosting that you have selected.

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