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Search Engine Optimization: All that you need to know

What is it?

As a digital marketer or consumer, SEO is a word you must have come across countless times. You might have a vague idea of what it is and what it entails however what is SEO really? Experts define SEO as digital marketing tool that consists of several strategies aimed at improving the visibility of your website on Search Engine results Page (SERPs). By employing the right SEO analysis, a digital business can enjoy not just improved positioning on SERPs page but also augmented leads and conversions hence better returns on investment.

For those interested in SEO and how it works knowing how many types of SEO are there should be the first step. There are three categories of SEO common to website owners today as highlighted in the details below: –

On-Page SEO

These are strategies that are used on your website pages to improve both your ranking and quality of traffic recorded for the site. It entails a number of options including content creation and editing, title tags, internal linking and even image alt-tags. When combined and done correctly these strategies give the search engine user a positive user experience which is a key factor in the ranking of the site on SERPs.

Off-Page SEO

This is a set of SEO strategies that are done away from your website but with the intent of improving your website’s traffic and general SEO performance. The main off-Page SEO strategy used today is backlinks which entails sharing links to your website or content with other influencers and website owners for the purpose of attracting more traffic to your brand or content. The other Off-Page SEO hacks include brand building, guest blogging with successful websites and influencers and lastly social media marketing.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about optimizing different facets of your website not only for a good user experience for the search engine user but also an easier time for bots to crawl and determine your SEO score. The different areas that can be developed using technical SEO includes the loading speed of the page, mobile responsiveness and adjusting size and quality of images embedded on your website pages.

Why target to increase traffic for your website?

Integrate marketing with social media

The world has been reduced to a global village thanks to technology. To successfully market any product globally today, major companies and corporations consider social media marketing as an essential step. Find the right team to help you promote and sell your brand via social media. You can also use the platform for engagements and also for customer care services as your business gets off its feet to more developed professional care for customers.

Share and accept backlinks

There are also many other successful and growing websites in and out of your niche that you can make good use of. By sharing backlinks to your website, your website might gain a lot of foreign traffic from the referral link hence better chances of conversion if you have the right landing page. You also have to accept posting links to other quality websites to share with them some of the traffic on your website.

Create quality content

The trap to getting the attention of a random search engine user is developing the type of content that will make them glued to your website. This means besides promoting your brand or services, focus on providing factual and interesting information that could be of help to your target audience. Businesses today hire SEO firms for reliable, fresh and catchy information as a means of marketing their brand. Good content reduces the bounce off rate of visitors which refers to the period they stay on your website before leaving.

Five important SEO elements you must know

For businesses that lack proper SEO guidance, DIY SEO is also an option that might work if you take time to understand the details. Experts know all key aspects of a successful SEO strategy and broken down in this text are some of the five important elements that all website owners must be familiar with today.                       

 Keywords – Initially keywords were the backbone of many SEO strategies, however now it can be complemented by many other facets of the topic. Keywords however have to be well sourced today which means doing in depth research and proper usage of the same to attract the right kind of traffic to the website in question. Other than in the content, Google keywords that can also be used in titles and URLs.

Off-Page SEO – this is a combination of SEO strategies that are conducted away from your website or offline but target promoting the success of your website both in terms of traffic and SERPs positioning. One common off-page SEO strategy is the use of social media marketing to create awareness for a brand and promote it to the desired levels.

Local SEO – did you know that over 60% of all searches online are made from a phone? Research shows most of the searches online are local searches which means local intent should be your target regardless of the type of SEO you are working with. Research on local content to post or share and top keywords for use to make your brand visible online.

Content – content is simply the tool you use to captivate your traffic and attract more visitors to your website. You therefore need to have new and fresh content on your website every time besides ensuring all the old content are updated regularly.

SEM – the combination of SEO and Social Media Marketing has proven to work a lot of magic for most companies today. SEO agencies must choose the right social media platform to use for connecting the business brand to the target audience. With over 3 billion active social media users, you only need the right strategy to start getting leads and conversions

SEO agencies and their importance in marketing

For a business to break ground and become authoritative in its niche, proper marketing has to be done. When website owners discuss online marketing, they simply mean Search Engine Optimization strategies to use to give their websites the dominance needed. There are a lot of factors determining the success of a website, for instance quality of content posted, mobile responsiveness of the website and the quality of branding. As a business you must be able to choose the best SEO Company from the multiple shortlisted options you are probably looking at. Here are some of the basic services your SEO agency of choice will help you with today.

SEO auditing

Before the solution is found to your website problems, an assessment has to be done to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Your chosen SEO agency must be able to do complete SEO audits on your website to determine progress of campaign and also correct previous blunders. It is impossible to know whether your SEO strategy works when you have no expert to do auditing and measure your success.

Off and On-Page SEO

These are the two main SEO strategies that will determine how successful your website will be. On-page SEO refers to activities done on your page to improve its ranking and traffic over time however off-page SEO are the extra activities you do out of your website, for instance back linking to influence the amount of traffic the site gets or how it is positioned on SERPs. A great SEO agency should have mastered the two facets of SEO and even be able to customize these strategies to suit your unique problems.

Assess competition and adjust

One common thing with almost all industries online is the plenty of options available when it comes to sellers. Competition is therefore necessary to meet the demands of consumers in the market. To fully ascertain this, you need eyes on whatever your competitors are doing to avoid lagging behind them. A great SEO expert will decipher both the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor strategies and use the insight to improve your websites campaign.

How to choose your next SEO agency for hire

If things are not working out with your current SEO experts, then maybe you should consider hiring a new firm for assistance. As it stands the market is saturated with lots of SEO agencies for hire that you can scrutinize before concluding your search. What are some of the important factors to checkout when interviewing an SEO agency? Discussed here are some of the few tips to use before you make up your mind on the SEO agency that will drive your website to the right traffic numbers besides quality of revenue.

Cost of services

How much do you need before you can hire the agency that meets your needs? Before ascertaining the amount, you will have to assess the price range for SEO services being charged by all SEO agencies that you have shortlisted. Once you have received quotations from all agencies you can make your own average and choose the best pricing that will not affect your budget. Running for cheap SEO services should not seem like a solution as it mostly translates to compromised services that will leave you vulnerable to stiff competition in your niche.

Professional care for customers

The success of any business whether online or land based heavily relies on how their customers feel about them. This is the section where customer care services are discussed for the potential challenges that customers experience. An SEO agency that does not care for their customers will be hard to access even for basic communication. Does the agency have professional care for customers ready to address the challenges you face on your website hindering sales and conversion? Businesses should test the customer care service before agreeing to any business with the digital marketing agency.

Social media command

Did you know that social media today claims over 3 billion active users every day? The perfect marketing strategy entails mixing social media and website marketing to achieve the desired results in form of high traffic, better leads and conversions. A great SEO agency comprehends the basics of social media marketing and will help you attain affordable marketing with better returns on investment.

Customized SEO approach

As much as Search Engine Marketing is the backbone of the success of your website, you do not have the same problems as your competitors. A personalized approach must be used right from the audit of your website to the solution devised. By checking the portfolio of potential SEO agencies for hire, you can eliminate all those that seem to have the right customized plan for you. It will help to listen to the possible solutions suggested by the firm before you agree to sign with them any kind of contract to work together.

Quality of testimonials

You can easily tell whether the agency is a fake or unreliable by assessing their relationship with previous clients. To establish this, visit their official website where previous clients have left their remarks ranking the quality of services offered. By reading these reviews, you get to notice any red flags, for instance poor quality reviews showcasing dissatisfied customers. Your idea of a perfect SEO expert needs to have a track record of meeting the expectations of their clients.


Having ascertained the reasons why SEO is important, its success is determined by the ability of the business to find and hire an SEO agency worth their name. Take time to carefully assess all options before you conclude your search and hire the perfect candidate to fuel your digital success.

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