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The Big New Thing – What’s New in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing at a very rapid pace. Think how often your phone or website needs to be updated. Those that do not keep up with the changes, or in front of them (think MySpace, AOL, etc.) will be left in the dust of Internet history. So, we can address what is happening TODAY, but this information may be obsolete next week. Or tomorrow. Just keep that in mind.

The most interesting thing that we see out there right now is the competition between the Google PPC and the Social Media Paid Ads.

This is heating up, but the truth is, and what you need to know is, that this is NOT driving pricing down. Nor is there a limited pie that they are fighting over. In fact, social advertising is blazing a new trail in Internet Advertising.

The big difference is that with Google Ads, they are targeted at people based on: What they are searching for at that moment
With Social Ads, they are targeted based on: Demographics, Location, Age, Gender, Buying Habits, Interests, etc.

What happens here is that the Google Ads can create more urgent buyers (think leaky plumbing, fallen tree, A/C broken) where social advertising can stir interest or foster a desire in long buying cycle products (think Buying a home, choosing a doctor/dentist/chiro, Finding a Lawyer, Buying a Car, etc). So, while these two mediums are both growing and increasing, they are really after totally different markets, so we won’t see prices coming down any time soon.

The GOOD NEWS – And there is good news here – is that local businesses, eCommerce businesses, and worldwide businesses can benefit from social advertising. But you have to do it right. You have to choose the right partner and precisely measure your ROI so you know whether it makes sense for you and your business.

We may bet into measuring ROI later or you can ask us about that now, but we are highly focused on driving ROI for advertising dollars. That means that is you spend $100 with us, we expect you to see a minimum of $400 in sales. Would you pay $100 for $00 in sales? You should. And the beauty is that these sales continue month after month and on top of that, if you are doing your job and making your clients happy, then you will see additional sales from long term buyers, mailing lists, and referrals from these very clients so this is truly a way to build a very successful long term business.
If our clients do not see that kind of ROI, then we have not done our job properly, but this has yet to be a problem.

We are really good at identifying markets, and attracting interested buyers to local businesses. Please let us know if we can help you and your business grow.

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