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The New Way of Promoting & Marketing Your Business

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How long has it been since you picked up the yellow pages and looked up a business or a service?  If you answered, that it’s been so long you don’t remember, then you are like most people in today’s world.  Gone are the days of letting your fingers do the walking, it’s now been replaced by letting your fingers do the typing, or let your voice do the talking with the use of the voice activation.  Just say out loud what you are searching for.  There is no question that advertising and marketing has completely evolved in the last 20 years.  You can now order your groceries online, and just pick them up as you head home, thanks to the convenience of the internet, and the genius that came up with online grocery shopping.

If you love the convenience of the internet, and finding everything you need on there, then it’s a safe bet, so do your customers.  Regardless of the amount of money you have to spend on marketing, the best decision you can make is to put that money into a well-designed website.  Be sure you utilize the service of a web designer unless you really know what you are doing in building your own web page.  Make sure you provide adequate information on your website, and if applicable, make it super easy to order products or schedule services.  With texting and emailing, today’s consumer would rather schedule or buy online, than to pick up a phone and call to make an appointment.

Set up a social media page for your business, and invite contacts and friends to “like” it.  You never know how much interest it will generate when others see that their friends like a particular page.  Have your customers provide feedback on your social media page, it’s a great way to get the advantage of free advertising for your business.  Many consumers would rather select a business based on referrals and in many ways that is what social media advertising can offer.

Make sure your business can be found through a search engine.  80% of all consumers never leave the first page that is displayed when they look up a business or a service.  That means if your business is on that first page, you are likely to get a call, and if it’s not, well, you may very well be overlooked.

Give your business a catchy name and logo.  Move away from boring, and make it memorable, so that anytime a customer thinks along the lines of needing a service, your business name, logo, or slogan will pop directly into their mind.

Marketing and sales have evolved, and if you don’t evolve with them, you are likely to be left behind, which is not a good place to be if you want your business to succeed.  Enlist the assistance of a marketing representative, and a web page designer, and you are well on your way to promoting your business.  Soon your phone, or better yet email inbox will be full of requests.


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