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The Single Most Important Thing About Your Website (Conversions)

Without making the assumption that everyone is familiar with the term “conversions” in regards to a website, a brief explanation is in order. Conversions is actually the terminology that indicates the success rate on your website.  In other words, if you are selling candles on a website, and have 100 visitors yet no buyers, that is considered an unsuccessful conversion.  However, if you have 100 visitors and sell 99 candles, your conversion was successful.

The traffic to your website needs to convert, if they don’t you may have a problem.  It is vital to remember, your website is a tool, and not the actual product you are selling.  Think of it as a billboard along the highway, does it catch your eye?  Does it make you want to check out the site more?  You can use a search engine optimization, however when the visitor gets on your site, you have to keep them there, and have them take an action on the product you are selling.  The design of the website is important, and needs to look good, and professional, that is generally the easy part.  There are some key points to having success in getting the product sold.

The number one thing that makes people turn away from a website is that it appears to be to complicated.  A purchase needs to be as simple as possible, just like walking in a store and picking an item off the shelf and paying for it.  Assure your buyers that when they fill out their information, it will not be sold for marketing purposes. (assuming it won’t)  Ask for the bare essentials in information, name, address, shipping address, phone number, and credit card information.  People get really annoyed when being told they need to enter their date of birth to make a simple purchase that requires no age limit.  Offer the option of saving the information, in other words create an account.  That makes it easy for repeat customers to continue buying your service or product.  One click options are great.  Providing a great design for your website, along with good search engine optimization will get the traffic to you, and making the website very user friendly will get the conversions you need to be successful.  You may have heard that when giving a speech, you should gear your talk to the slowest person in the room, that way everyone gets it.  The same holds true for your website, don’t lose a potential customer or sale because the buying or ordering procedure is too complex,  your customer needs to be able to find the product or service they desire, and with a couple clicks of a mouse, have it ordered.  Add a frequently asked questions area, and includes “for technical or ordering help” section.  You never know how computer literate the buy may or may not be.  The success of your product or service being offered on line depends on how successful your website is, so stick to the main rule, Keep it simple.

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