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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Full On Digital?
We are a cutting-edge, internet marketing company specializing in Local Business Appointments/Sales, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helping clients significantly increase their web traffic to grow their business. WE SPECIALIZE IN MORE
SALES FOR LESS COST! We have helped over 10,000 companies, and optimized over 40,000 Web sites
since 1998, and we maintain an industry-leading 93% client retention rate. We also offer complete Search
Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions as well.
2. What other solutions do you offer?
We know that a business today has to maximize their web presence and web traffic or they will gradually and
continually lose business to an internet-savvy competitor. So, along with our world-class Lead Generation and SEO solutions we
offer comprehensive internet marketing solutions including:
Web Site Design
● Content Development
● Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
● Email Campaigns
● Social Media
● Reputation Management
Hosting / Monitoring
3. Do I have to start with Leads/SEO services first?
Yes, sort of. As Leads/SEO experts we strongly recommend starting with Leads Now and SEO to build traffic to your site and gain important
visibility for your company. A major benefit of successful SEO is that, as you improve your ranking, you are
pushing your competitors down and diminishing their visibility and providing increased access to your
company. Once you are getting the visibility you desire, we can also help you maximize your opportunity to
convert visitors into customers. Of course, you do not HAVE to do it our way, but we suggest it.
4. Why are you different?
Full On Digital is different from its many competitors for multiple reasons:
● We offer you a GUARANTEE on what we do…you get your money back if we don’t deliver (and it has NEVER HAPPENED, we have a 100% success rate!!)
● We have successfully serviced over 10,000 clients, of all shapes and sizes, since 1998
● Our pricing is published for all to see, there are NO SURPRISES 
● There are NO CONTRACTS…you can cancel at any time (and that’s rare, we have a 93% retention
● We are EXPERTS…we specialize in MORE visibility for LESS cost!
5. How much does SEO optimization cost?
There are different levels of service based on 3 criteria:
● Budget – SEO can REDUCE your Google spend…we are simply shifting dollars from PPC to organic search,
a more efficient and effective use of your money AND moving you to Page 1
● Competition – what it will take to gain Page 1 placement based on how competitive your keywords and
search terms are in your market
● Goals – what do you wish to accomplish? Simple as, do I want more Web
traffic? Do I want to affect my competition? Do I want to promote new
products/services/locations, etc?
Once we establish the above criteria, we then determine the levels of service
tailored to your company and the price is always fair an reasonable.
Level 5 is our most popular service (recommended for sites with 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 competing pages in
Google) and, of course, you can upgrade at any time. As an example, Level 5 includes the following package:
✓ Optimization of your home page plus 40 additional pages to target up to 400 keyword phrases
✓ Any additional pages needed to properly promote the phrases will be added at no additional charge
✓ Professionally written content to complement newly written HTML coding
✓ 6 Press Releases written and submitted to PR Web (or Online PR News) over the course of the year,
upon request.
✓ Traffic statistics always available for performance monitoring
✓ Weekly monitoring of your site to ensure that it stays 95-100% compliant with current search engine
✓ Unlimited consultations with our SEO experts
✓ GUARANTEED front page listings on the major search engines
6. What can I expect when I sign an Agreement?
First of all, you can expect a simple “Agreement” authorizing us to proceed with your leads and/or web site optimization.
No fancy “legalize”, just a clear and forthright outline of what we will do, in what timeframe, our Guarantee,
and what you will need to provide us to launch successfully. In addition, you will need to authorize payment.
Once this simple process is complete, we will ask you to complete our “Client Questionnaire” (we are happy
to assist you with this if you prefer”). From this point on, we work our magic on your site and begin delivering
on our promise, typically ready to launch in 30 days.
7. Do I get to approve the changes to my Web site?
Yes. As we complete the necessary coding we also will be developing the requisite content that you can
review and approve. It is important to note that we will not change the “look and feel” of your Web site. We
will be adding some content to your Home Page and adding additional “Landing Pages” to your site and
8. Can you explain the details of your guarantee?

For Lead Generation, we can guarantee a certain number of appointments booked for your company to meet with the client. You will still have to close the deal, but your odds go way up when you have a warmer introduction like we provide.
For SEO, we guarantee multiple listing on the front page of the major search engines within 90 days of uploading your
optimization OR we will refund your money. Only caveat to the Guarantee is if your Web site has already been
compromised (i.e. virus, hacked, etc.). In this case, your placement will take longer to obtain and may require
further action to achieve the results. We offer such a comprehensive guarantee because:
✓ We have a 100% success rate for 10,000+ clients and over 40,000+ sites, since 1998
✓ We are SEO specialists AND experts…our resources are focused on mastering SEO
✓ We care about your business and your success…that’s why we have a 93% client retention rate
9. Why don’t other companies offer a guarantee like yours?
Simple. They don’t specialize in SEO, they just include SEO as part of a more
comprehensive, more expensive, more time-consuming internet marketing
program that is typically overkill for most businesses. Most only say that they can
get ranking for about 80% of their clients.
10. What are contract terms?
There are NO CONTRACTS. We require a one-time, upfront charge for the optimization and a small, recurring
monthly fee for maintaining the optimization compliance (a critical component for ongoing success).

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