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Affordable seo servicesRanking first on Google is not hard, but it can be difficult, complex, and sometimes frustrating – using a top rated SEO firm can help but there are things that you can do yourself as well.

Every business and website owner wants to rank on the top search listings on Google. Clearly, achieving that spot would mean better visibility, increased traffic to your site, and a higher likelihood of sales to grow your business.

Optimizing your website and learning to get on the first page of Google is fairly straightforward, but also complex at the same time. You may consider hiring an Expert SEO Service to customize your work to achieve your desired ranking. If you want to get to Google’s first-page in the ranking, it is not going to happen unless your website is highly optimized for the search engine’s ranking factors.  

Search engines and visitors can easily find your website when you use URLs that aptly describe the page’s content. In other terms, the keywords.

URLs are quite essential to optimize your website. Make sure to use URLs that make it easy for Google to index your website.

This signifies that you don’t need to include dashes, dots or other symbols in your URL where they aren’t required to be. Search engines do not read them.

So what’s with getting ranked on the first page of Google? Simple. Only a very few people will actually scroll through the second page of the search engine to get their results. How often do you scroll to the second or third page of your results? We are more likely to change our search parameters than actually search through pages and pages of results. We are a “right here right now” world, so ranking on top will provide you with a higher clickthrough rate, more traffic, and possibly more sales. It includes optimizing your site and using ideal keywords to make it to the top rankings.

It is clear that Google captures the vast majority of traffic. However, there are differences in clickthrough rates among the top and bottom results on the first page reputation repair

  • First result: 36.4%
  • Second result: 12.5%
  • Third result: 9.5%

Subsequently, the 10th result would get the lowest clickthrough rate. Also, the top results for Google now form “Position Zero” answer boxes. Making it to the top on Google could get you featured in these snippets, providing your business rapid exposure and increasing credibility.

The other areas of Google’s search results that you can rank number 1 for include PPC ads, organic results, and local listings.

Ranking in Google’s featured Snippets:

Snippets are the information blocks that focus on answering questions right away to help you find useful, relevant information fast, without having to click around and waste time browsing through other websites.

Google extracts these snippets from specific web pages and features them in these answer boxes, thus the name, featured snippets. Here’s an example:

Featured snippets usually come in four common formats:

  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Video

To have optimized content for rich snippets, here’s what to follow:

Ensure to use headers and bullets; be as relevant as possible; answer the queries completely; keep the information and answers to the point; use images.

Paid Search Results – How to make it to the top page of Google

Paid search results are those results that are in the top and bottom of the results page, specified by an “ad” icon. To get to the first page of Google in a day, you can consider investing in paid search. This can be a very effective way for those who are budding or struggling to be at par with businesses that rank higher in organic search results.

Paid advertising is an effective option, especially if you’re a new brand, just getting started with your SEO. Normally, the budget differs from business to business, but for those willing to give their business a little enhancement, paid to advertise is definitely an option.

Local Search Results –

Getting Organic Google Rankings with SEO and Your Website to Appear Higher in Search Engines

Google’s results are displayed within Google Maps when a user searches for a keyword including a location, like “Plumbers near me.” Getting your brand included in Google’s local search results requires a “Google My Business account”.

Businesses are recommended to start by aiming at local results for a better chance of ranking.  In the local results, you are just competing against other businesses within your area.

This provides you a better chance to rank compared to organic results, which include businesses in any other location that match a particular search keyword.

If you want to rank at the top in search engines without paying much, you need to implement SEO.

To get featured the local listings on the first page of Google, you need to optimize your name, address, phone number citations across the internet. The more you build, the better.

Some other strategies for getting more first page results on Google:

No doubt that the paid listings, local listings, and organic listings, are the primary three strategies for ranking your business on the first page of Google, but there are some less utilized techniques that can also get you more listings on the first page of Google.


A microsite (AKA a minisite) is a website that is used to boost the primary domain of a company or an organization. It has a distinct URL, other than the company’s primary domain, with its own separate design and navigation.

These help your site appear more relevant and authoritative, and also provide multiple listings in organic search results.


For improving customers’ user experience, Google displays distinct media types in its search results – that includes videos. A video link is ranked at the second place in the search results. Researches find that a video link is 60 percent more likely to get ranked in a search result than a landing page with the same title. You can use YouTube to influence your SEO performance to get results. You can create videos to promote your brand, which leads to links, and your videos can potentially rank organically in the SERPs.

Doesn’t matter what the future holds, it’s understandable that social media can help your SEO efforts in a great way. It also offers many long-term benefits for your website.

Although social media is not a direct Google ranking factor, yet it is one of the best ways to promote content and be found online. Which is, ultimately, what SEO is all about.

Owning a youtube channel for your business is a great way to boost your search rankings.


The impact of social media on SEO is quite effective. If you write good content on your website, it is likely popular on social media, and people are probably going to like it implying boost your rankings. It is easy for these social platforms to rank on the top page for you. This is mainly due to the high ‘domain authority,’ that these sites have achieved because of lots of traffic and reliability. Thus, if you have an active social media accounts, then you also have a high chance of ranking well on Google, when people search for your business.

So can it be a surprise that sites with high ranking positions can also have large numbers of social signals? It shouldn’t. but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a direct ranking factor.

Although social media is not a direct Google ranking factor, the more “shares” on social media you get, the more people get to see your content and also link to it.

Pertinently, a company got more than 130,000 shares on Facebook, to a web page, and enhanced the rankings for keyword phrases that were in competition. It still ranks among the top listings on Google. This is a really good example of an ideal content creation and promotion technique.

No matter whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or any other social media site. If you create high-quality content that catches eyes on social media, you’re much more likely to get links from other websites.

The content that gets shared on social media can fetch links and catch interest, which is direct ranking factors. Hence, paying attention to social media is important to SEO success and rank your page on top listings of Google.

Participation in social sharing sites is essential. If you don’t have a Twitter Facebook fan page or a Google+ Page you’re certainly missing out. You’re not contributing to building up a network that can help your brand/business gain popularity.

Ranking at the top on Google is achieved by using keywords in a strategic way, providing relevant and top quality content on your website. Google has already stated that its aim to provide search engine results is to give searchers the most relevant and useful information possible. With time, Google gets better and better at achieving this objective. The common characteristics that should be focused on include:

Ensuring the content you provide is really useful to your visitors. This will also generate inbound links, which in turn will boost your rankings in Google.

Make sure you’re not using incorrect grammar and spelling. Get to learn to produce quality content for the web that includes short paragraphs, short sentences, etc.

Avoiding backlink scams and paid backlinks is something to keep in mind. Google has learned how to immediately identify these and will lower the rankings of sites if it finds them to be implementing “black hat” SEO.

Businesses and brands should be consistent and consistent in their efforts to increase and maintain their top position on Google, as online searches are an important way for customers to find what they’re looking for.

If you want help with your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC, Social Media, Reputation Management, or any other service, please reach out to us. If we cannot help you, we know someone who can with expert service and reasonable pricing. We are one of the most successful SEO Companies available today. Contact us!

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